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The USS Vega, a Rigel Class stores ship, carrying cargo to the Pacific Fleet and porting in Sasebo, Kobe and Yokosuka, Japan, Hong Kong, Subic Bay, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Johore Baru in Malaysia may be of interest to  enlisted, chiefs, officers, and veterans of the Navy involved in
UNREP operations.
Subic Bay Photos

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Folding the American Flag

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  USS Vega AF-59
Patch photo contributed by Paul M. Dunn   Picture provided by Russ (Pete) Clark, LTJG, 1958

USS VEGA 1974 Aft 3"50 guns removed Helo Deck added - Photo provided by Stanford Ladner



Rigel Class Stores Ship: Laid down, 7 June 1954, as a Maritime Administration type (R3-S-4A) hull, under Maritime Administration contract (MA 37) at Ingalls Shipbuilding Corp., Pascagoula, MS.; Launched, 28 April 1955; Commissioned USS Vega (AF-59), 10 November 1955; Decommissioned, 29 April 1977, at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, CA.; Struck from the Naval Register, 29 April 1977; Returned to MARAD, disposed of by MARAD sale, 1 December 1977.

Vega earned 10 battle stars for her service to units of the 7th Fleet during the Vietnam War.

Displacement 15,150 t(fl).; Length 502'; Beam 72'; Draft 29'; Speed 21kts; Armament four dual mount 3"/50 gun mounts; Propulsion: two boilers, oil fired with G.E reduction gear, 600psi cross compound steam turbine, single propeller; Complement 350.

Note:  As to the demise of the Vega, she was sold to a fish processing company and towed to Seattle WA.  I think it was in  1983 or 84 that a sailor, whom I did business with, asked me what ship I was on.  When I said the Vega he told me that it was in Tacoma WA.
     I took my son with me after work and went to see it.  I drove up to the pier and in the dark I could see its silhouette.   I couldn't miss it, was my home for 3 1/2 years!   Next day  I went to see it.  What a mess!
     They had covered all the forward deck.  The ship was stripped.  They had put a door in the side of it.  I was allowed to go aboard.  I went over to where I had slept and just about cried to see such a grand ship in this shape.  I went all over the ship with my son.  We went into the galley.  That hadn't changed, I saw the old stove that I had cooked on. 
     The Vega was going to be scrapped so it is probably somebody's car now.    Richard Conhiser, CS3, 1961 -64


Pictures of the USS Vega AF59, Personnel, Activities, Replenishment Operations, and Other Ships

Share these photos with family and friends to show how life was aboard the USS Vega!

Page 1 Ingalls News report of Vega's test trials   Page 2
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Plank Owners

Enlisted Personnel











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Replenishment Operations

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Shipboard Activities

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Shipboard Orders

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Pictures of Other Ships

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   Pictures of the
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Vega Falcon
  Page 15 Vega History   Page 16 Operation  "Frequent Wind"
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Vega Interior
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Miscellaneous Pictures
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Vega Grams
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Reunion 2004
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Misc. Papers by Lash
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Ships Rosters 1966 - 1968
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Decommissioning of the Vega
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Ship's Prints
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Ship Models
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Mary Soo and her Side Painters
Ships Roster 1956 - 1957


      Does anyone have pictures of the interior of the Vega?  Pictures of the living quarters, mess hall, kitchen, engine room, radio room, CIC, Bridge, etc. would be appreciated by all.
But, most importantly are pictures of those who served aboard the Vega.  It is these personnel that made the Vega the grand ship that she was.


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USS Vega veterans: Feel free to download these pictures for your own personal use!

Note:  Although these pictures, at first, were mostly from the 1955-62 period of time, there now are pictures spanning the life of the Vega.  Thanks go to many that have contributed pictures concerning the USS Vega for everyone's enjoyment.  Please consider telling about any aspect of life aboard the Vega that you may find interesting.

If you have any pictures to contribute or any comments please email them to: Admin@USSVega.com

Ports of call:  Yokosuka, Japan, Sasebo, Japan, Hong Kong, Kobe, Japan, Subic Bay, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Johore Baru in Malaysia.

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